New Garden!

So the past few weeks have been really hectic! Between starting this new blog, running around after munchkins and just generally trying to stay head above water, we decided to throw revamping our garden into the mix! It had been landscaped about 8 years ago by the previous owners of our house but over the… Read More New Garden!

Healthy Recipes

Healthy “Refined” Sugar Free Wholemeal Blueberry Banana Bread

Ok guys here’s the recipe for this delicious and healthy refined sugar-free banana bread which I made on Friday night! It still contains some natural sugars from the banana and maple syrup. But both of these natural sugars have added an nutritional benefit unlike regular refined white sugar. I absolutely love banana bread! So much… Read More Healthy “Refined” Sugar Free Wholemeal Blueberry Banana Bread


Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair..everywhere. Broken hair brushes. Matted dreads. Bald patches. Blocked drains. Nightmare. That is the definition of postpartum hair loss! Four months postpartum and what had been really gorgeous, balayaged locks that I had done for the birth and which had been doubling and tripling in thickness throughout my whole pregnancy, decided to jump ship, all at… Read More Postpartum Hair Loss